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 by Arnold Anisgarten
The best thing I have bought in my almost 70 years

Your product might be the best thing I have bought in my almost 70 years. I have suffered from RLS since I almost can't recall. Let's say I was about 15 years old when I first recall having restless symptoms, which is before I even knew it was an ailment. I thought everyone suffered from it. It wasn't until maybe 30 years ago that they started advertising some prescription drug, that I knew it was a recognized ailment. I remember asking people then, did you see that ad? That is what I have! That drug, I believe, got taken off the market for nasty side effects. I never took it, fortunately.

I tried a lot of home remedies, such as bars of lavender soap in bed. That actually worked, somewhat, for many years, but as I have gotten into my later 60's not at all. I also bought this cocoon.type contraption I saw on Shark Tank, that did absolutely no good.

My only remedy, especially when trying to sleep, was going on the treadmill or running on the street at 1AM in the morning. That worked somewhat, but running on the street in the middle of the night has its drawbacks. My doctor prescribed a drug for Parkinson's sufferers, but after reading the side effects, decided against that. I was lucky if I got a couple hours of sleep on any particular night. And I started sleeping on the couch almost every night so my wife wouldn't suffer as well. Hard to function day to day under those conditions. We pretty much stopped traveling, as I (and my wife because of me) suffered twice as much on airplanes and hotel rooms. I lived my life as the annoying guy sitting in your row or in back of you at the movie theater bouncing his leg up and down, or kicking the back of your seat. I would always joke that the worst seat in a theater is in front of me.

By some fluke, I saw your advertisement when googling things about RLS. Decided to take a chance, and for the last couple of months, it has been beneficially life changing. I might get a twinge of RLS symptoms here and there, but on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the worst, it is less than a 1. Before it was 9 or 10 almost every night (and often during the day as well).

And by the way, RLS is a misnomer. It is actually RBS, restless body syndrome, because when it is really bad, I am uncomfortable from neck to toe.

Feel free to use this, or anything else I can give you, as a testimonial.

Thanks is not enough!!!

Arnold Anisgarten

Wow, Arnold, we are just floored by your feedback! What a relief that must be after so many years of suffering. Thank you for sharing this, we live for these kinds of stories. *Testimonials are individual accounts. Results may vary.

 by Natalie Bratton
Finally an explanation!

I am thankful for this site and the information regarding RLS. I've searched everywhere for an explanation of what was happening in my body. I was able to ween off the meds I was taking, change my diet, and take Seratame to manage RLS. I feel so much better.

Natalie, that is wonderful!! Thank you for sharing this feedback with us and for those that may want to try Seratame for themselves. We wish you the best of health moving forward. *Testimonials are individual accounts. Results may vary.

 by Carol
Something that finally works

I think I've tried almost everything out there for my restless legs and after using Seratame for one night, I realized that I found my remedy. I have been dealing with this issue since I was a child, and now it seems that it got worse as I aged. There are periods of relief but it would come right back all of a sudden and would be incredibly intense keeping me up all night. My friend is a nutritionist and recommended I try this product as she found it had many of the natural ingredients that she would have recommended for me to try anyway. I took my first dose before my dinner and it was during an intense flare up where I was only getting 3-4 hours of sleep each night. I slept through the night and don't remembe even once waking up. I know it was the Seratame working. I will keep taking this and follow the tips in the ebook as well. Thank you for your help.

So happy that you've found us, Carol. Please keep us posted on your results.*Testimonials are individual accounts. Results may vary.

 by Esther
May work for some

This was recommended to me by a close friend who also has RLS and this had worked very well for her. I have yet to see any difference in my symptoms, however. I really was hoping this was it. I was told that everybody has a different response to these kinds of remedies and I guess that's true even of pharmaceuticals. Will keep searching.

Hi Esther,We are sorry to hear you aren't having luck so far with Seratame. I wanted to let you know that some of our customers didn't see relief until week 6 of consistently taking Seratame on a regular basis. Sometimes it takes a while for it to work with your body and for some people, it can work rather quickly. We would like to send out another complimentary bottle for you if you would be willing to give it another shot. Please let us know if you are open to that and we can send one out immediately. We just sent you an email as well. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!*Testimonials are individual accounts. Results may vary.

 by Christie Caradonio

This supplement for me does not work. I have been fighting this syndrome for over 3 months and nothing about it works. I eat only the good things that was written in the plan. At night the legs alternate...left leg starts then the right. The left is more intense.
I hope I find something that works. I am at my worst.

We are so sorry to hear that Christie. I wish Seratame worked for everyone, but that simply isn't true. The best thing we can suggest is take all the tips from the guidebooks that came with your order and don't give up on trying new things to get relief. It is possible. We hope you find an answer soon. *Testimonials are individual accounts. Results may vary

 by Wilma D. Turcotte

I have RLS very bad and have tried many drs.and many prescriptions. Some work sometimes. The only one that helped at all was ropinirole but the side effects are hard to deal with and effect your daily life terribly. If it doesn't help right away I would have to continue with my ropinirole cause I couldn't stand it otherwise. My question is can they be taken together and then slowly stop the ropinirole?

Hi Wilma,Good question. We have from many customers who have slowly weaned off their prescriptions as they switch to Seratame and following the Seratame Program (includes avoiding certain 'trigger' foods, etc. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help get answered for you.*Testimonials are individual accounts. Results may vary

 by Sarah H.
very happy

I can't remember how many different medications and medicines I have tried over the last 8 years since developing RLS but i don't care anymore i found what I will be using from now on. Very happy with the results and only after taking it for 2 nights my RLS has never come back. I will be telling my friends about this product and I am a happy customer. Thank you

Thank you for leaving us a review, Sarah. We are glad you've found something that helps.*Testimonials are individual accounts. Results may vary.

Not Working!

I have tried this “product” on the advice of my physician and can tell you it is NOT WORKING! I have had RLS for over ten years and am under a progressively higher prescription for it. Trying this was an alternate to increasing my medication again and I was very hopeful that it would work. I gave it an honest try over several weeks but it has done NOTHING, NADA, ZIP. My advice is don’t waste your money.

Karen we are so sorry you didn't find the success with Seratame that others have. We truly hope you find relief soon and really appreciate you at least giving it a try. Don't give up!*Testimonials are individual accounts. Results may vary

 by Jules
Totally worth it!

I am always skeptical of buying products like this that show so much promise. However, due to the fact that I was recommended this by my mother in law recently, who swears by it, I decided to give it a try. I am so happy and grateful now because there is a complete difference in my symptoms. I take this every day. It's the only thing that has helped in the last 20 years of my RLS. I rarely have symptoms anymore and it's usually after I eat something that their eBook recommends you avoid. Highly worth it.

Jules, we are so glad you took the chance on us! Thank you for your feedback.*Testimonials are individual accounts. Results may vary

 by Larrry Eppers

What or if any side effects from taking Seratame. Stomach pain, nausea diarrhea, lose of appetite, heartburn. stc.

Hi Larry. Seratame is not a drug but we have heard a few reports from customers experiencing either a warming sensation in their limbs or a feeling of relaxation, especially if taking more than the recommended 2 capsules. Feel free to call us at 877-269-2694 if you have any other questions! - The Seratame Team*Testimonials are individual accounts. Results may vary.

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