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5 Fast Ways to Find Restless Leg Syndrome Relief

Science has yet to come up with a cure, yet alone a definitive method for restless leg syndrome relief for so many sufferers. This is partly because everybody’s bodies are different and will react differently to different treatments. This is the reason why many look for ways to find restless leg syndrome relief through various […]

The Magnesium and Restless Legs Connection

RLS Puzzle Piece #1: Clogged Dopamine Receptors & Chelated Magnesium By now you probably realize the beneficial link that magnesium and restless legs have. And you may also know that faulty dopamine receptors are key in the restless leg dilemma. But why are these receptors not functioning properly like they should with RLS sufferers? And […]

What is the Best Magnesium for Restless Legs?

magnesium for restless legs

We often get a customers asking us what is the best magnesium for restless legs? Since the beginning of medicine, magnesium has been a mineral that has long been used to treat a multitude of medical issues. It has been shown to be really important to your body because it can assist and help run […]

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