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Natural Remedies for RLS

natural remedies for RLS

There are so many recommendations and natural remedies for RLS online now that it can be confusing as to which actually work and which are bogus. To add to the confusion, not everyone will react to the same influence within their body so that just because a remedy may work for one person, it doesn’t […]

How to Get Rid of RLS – These 5 Critical Vitamins and Minerals Are What You Need for Restless Leg Syndrome

magnesium malate for rls

Trying to get rid of restless leg syndrome can be a pain for anyone who has it. This disorder can make it really difficult for the sufferer to get the relaxation and sleep that they need due to the sensations that are going on throughout their legs. It is estimated that about 10% of the […]

How to Calm Restless Legs Quickly

how to calm restless legs quickly

It’s 2 a.m. and you can’t sleep. Your RLS is driving you crazy again. What can you do right now to cope and quickly calm your restless legs so you can get back to sleep? New studies now show that almost 15% of the US population suffer from restless leg syndrome. If these symptoms are […]

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