If you’re managing restless legs, this should be a timely article offering a bit of hope.

That’s because a flood of new research published in the last few years now offers us vital clues on exactly how this condition develops.

But unfortunately, it seems many experts are still in the dark.

In fact, many are still stuck in the business as usual approach, which has slowed down so many recent advances.

But what I’ve realized is that restless legs is not a permanent health condition.

It’s really just a symptom.

And a symptom is just a message your body is giving you.

But that’s not to take away from the fact that this may be among the worst kinds of afflictions that anyone can experience.


Decoding the Messages

Our body is always giving us messages. It’s designed for this.

Usually, the messages (or symptoms) happen when something is out of balance.

Not unlike a check engine light for our vehicles – our bodies also give us warnings – or symptoms.

But once you understand what your body needs, it will stop sending you these messages – and symptoms will naturally subside.


So, What Exactly is the Body Saying?

After seeing countless people with this condition, I’ve discovered that there are only 3 main factors common with almost every restless leg issue.

And once these factors are corrected, symptoms can go away.

These 3 factors are: iron metabolism in the braininflammation and brain chemistry.

And out of all three factors, the biggest thing I found underlying restless legs was this:

If there is inflammation present, the body will not self-correct.

And the symptoms would persist.

And the majority of those I see with restless legs also suffer from inflammation.

And inflammation is systemic.

It impacts all bodily systems. As one expert put it, it is your body in “crisis mode.”

For some people, it’s a low-grade inflammation. But for others it is a 6-alarm fire.

And as I later discovered, inflammation is what drives the other 2 key factors that people with restless legs are dealing with.

On the following page, I will outline step-by-step how to correct all 3 of these factors happening – without using expensive procedures or therapies.